Privacy And Asset Protection Book (280 pages)

After buying single family homes for investment starting in 1969, I began studying privacy and asset protection methods and techniques. 

Seeking help from my attorney, accountant and other professionals I soon found out that detailed information about privacy and asset protection is very hard to find. I ran into walls where ever I went. Even my wife said, “you are crazy” why worry about that? That was the 1970’s.

Now, especially since the Patriot Act was beefed up after 9/11, people are beginning to understand the importance of keeping their  personal information and asset ownership confidential. We are all vulnerable to contingency fee lawyers and new creative theories of liability bestowed upon us by the legal profession. The legal system in America has run amok. No longer is right and wrong fairly determined by a jury of your true piers. (available for purchase)

Privacy and Asset Protection Home Study

 Justice is now meted out by those who can afford the smartest attorney who can manipulate the legal system to his/her client’s benefit. And a jury of your “piers” is likely to be comprised of uneducated government supported citizens who are envious of anyone who has succeeded in life.

What can you do about this? Learn how to stop giving out your personal information, conceal property ownership, accept mail privately, teach your family the principles of privacy, set up an untouchable cash nest egg, strip equity from all assets, etc., etc., etc.

After 30+ years of researching and putting into practice privacy and asset protection techniques, I feel qualified to provide you with my Privacy and Asset Protection book and home study course. (available for purchase)

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