Land Trusts Made Simple Basic

I have been using Land Trusts in my real estate investment business for over 35 years. When I first started buying houses in 1969 I took title in my own name. One day I realized that any one could go to the court house records and look up everything I owned! This made me a bigger target for a lawsuit. Unfortunately, the general public’s perception of real estate investors is that they are all wealthy with lots of cash laying around. This perception makes all of us real estate investors a bigger target than most for a lawsuit.

After extensive research I discovered the Land Trust. This is a title holding trust that keeps your name out of the public records. After using Land Trusts in my business for decades, in 2000 I was asked by other real estate investors to write a home study course (with all the forms needed) on how to use a Land Trust. At that time I wrote my first home study course and called it Land Trusts Made Simple. In 2001 I began teaching a live Land Trusts Made Simple seminar twice a year.(available for purchase)

Land Trusts Made Simple Advanced

My Advanced course 2.0 (just updated to over 300 pages!) delves into the fascinating world of structuring asset protection Land Trusts and how to link these trusts with other entities (i.e. Personal Property Trusts, LLC’s and Corporations).

Nowhere else in America is this information taught (not even in law school). When you finish this course YOU will be the “local expert” on Land Trusts. I teach you how to operate your business at the “trust level” not the personal level.(available for purchase)

Land Trusts Made Simple Complete

Since it is VERY difficult to find accurate Land Trust information some of my Land Trust students began asking for more training. So, in 2004 I wrote the Land Trusts Made Simple Advanced home study course. I only teach my Advanced course every five years.

Of all my real estate investment courses the Land Trusts Made Simple Basic and Advanced home study courses are the most popular. People in general are beginning to realize the benefits of owning real estate privately and keeping their personal information out of the public records. (available for purchase)

Land Trust University

Soon after starting the Land Trusts Made Simple, I was asked to give continuing updates on land trusts to my students. For this reason I c rested the Land Trust University. This is evolving into the most comprehensive source for instant access to all of my forms, seminar video and network of state-by-state land trust law. (available for purchase)

If you are looking for more information on purchasing Land Trusts Made Simple, please visit My website Land Trusts Made Simple. Not only will you learn the benefits of using a Land Trust for privacy, but I will teach you how simple creating your own Land Trusts really is. Do not waste money using Real Estate Attorney’s that know nothing about land trusts or think Land Trusts act like LLC’s. Remember the flow of money when using an attorney. They will only take on legal work that makes them large sums of money. Practicing Land Trust Creation is not a lucrative business.

Try This – Search for “Land Trust Attorney *your city, state*”. You will find that most areas have no local attorneys OR it will show you MY WEBSITE!!![