Appearances in Magazines and Articles

I have become one of the most informative sources for Land Trust information and “How-To” create your own Land Trusts. I am asked by National and Regional print and on-line publications to submit articles about Land Trusts. Below are some of the recent printed and online publications that I have been featured in. Some of them are still available for purchase.

REI Wealth Magazine – October 2013 – Purchase $$$

If you are looking for more information on purchasing Land Trusts Made Simple, please visit My website Land Trusts Made Simple. Not only will you learn the benefits of using a Land Trust for privacy, but I will teach you how simple creating your own Land Trusts really is. Do not waste money using Real Estate Attorney’s that know nothing about land trusts or think Land Trusts act like LLC’s. Remember the flow of money when using an attorney. They will only take on legal work that makes them large sums of money. Practicing Land Trust Creation is not a lucrative business.