I have been a full time real estate investor since 1969 and have used Land Trusts in my business for over 30 years. I typically speak for 90 minutes (but can adjust to 60 minutes if necessary) about the many benefits of using a Land Trust.Welcome to my “Mr. Land Trust” web page devoted exclusively to providing all the information you need to promote my upcoming speech to your real estate organization. I know we have the mutual goal of providing professional advice and training information to your members.

Mr Land Trust Randy HughesIf acceptable to you, I like to hand out to attendees at my speech an envelope with my promotional flyers and special offers inside. If allowed to collect email addresses at my speech, I will subsequently send out my booklet, “50 Reasons to Use a Land Trust” for FREE to all that attend (I would be happy to send you a copy in advance if you will send me an email request to randy@mrlandtrust.net). I will also allow this booklet to be distributed prior to my arrival at your club as an incentive for your members to register prior to the meeting date. At the end of my speech I will offer my home study course or my next live one-day seminar (called Land Trusts Made Simple) for purchase by your members.

If you are a “for profit” organization, please contact me at 1-866-696-7347 or randy@mrlandtrust.net to discuss the sharing of sales proceeds.

Below is the process to setup your Webinar with Me. If you have not already done so, please contact me as stated in step two so we can setup a time for the webinar. 

Start by Registering as an Affiliate:

We use an affiliate tracker when selling product to your database. This is done by adding a unique number in the “Buy Now” button at the end of the webinar. Please start the process by visiting:


Below the login, you will see “Join Our Affiliate Program”, please check the box and then continue into registration. Because you will be making money from this relationship, we have to obtain a social security number or tax id number. We cannot leave it blank. That is it!!! Our tech team will connect your id number with any webinars you host.

Set a Webinar Date:

After you register, let us know so that we can start the process of scheduling the webinar. The best way is to contact me is at randy@mrlandtrust.net. We have a specific registration page that needs to be setup for your club/organization.

Promoting the Webinar: (emails and video)

Email Andrew Timms at andrew@mrlandtrust.net to get the current email copy.

Photos of Randy

Please use one of the attached photos to display in your publications. Do not modify the photo unless it is to scale the size for your website. I have attached two image layouts with two different sizes. If you are in need of a larger image size please contact me at randy@mrlandtrust.net.

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When using marketing material I have two logos. The first is for my brand called “Land Trusts Made Simple”. This logo should be used on all marketing material. There are mutiple sizes for your need. DO NOT modify the logo in any way, unless it is to size it for fit on your website or print. The second logo is for “Land Trust Univeristy”. This should only be used if I request the event be advertised under its name. Right click on photo and save to your computer
Land Trusts Made Simple: (MAIN LOGO, PLEASE USE THIS ONE.)
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Promotional Booklets

Each year I connect with local Real Estate Investment Clubs (REIA’s) all over the United States. These clubs will have me attend their meetings and talk about the benefits of using a Land Trust. Most events have a profit sharing arrangement for the club. Typically, I will follow any appearances with a one or two day “Land Trusts Made Simple Seminar.” Club members will have the opportunity to pay for a full day of Land Trust learning and gain all of the forms needed to create their own Land Trusts. I have been speaking to clubs since 2002, here is my list of promotional booklets I make available for seminars and freeviews.

Land Trusts

Please use any of these articles for your promotion of my speeches and webinars for your club. If you wish to create a series of emails with each of them in there, please do not send them less than 2 days apart. Each of these links will take you to a dropbox.com file that you can download to your computer. These are all created in Microsoft Word and are .docx format. If for any reason, these do not work please contact me.


Land Trust Specific:

If you are looking for more information on purchasing Land Trusts Made Simple, please visit My website Land Trusts Made Simple. Not only will you learn the benefits of using a Land Trust for privacy, but I will teach you how simple creating your own Land Trusts really is. Do not waste money using Real Estate Attorney’s that know nothing about land trusts or think Land Trusts act like LLC’s. Remember the flow of money when using an attorney. They will only take on legal work that makes them large sums of money. Practicing Land Trust Creation is not a lucrative business.

Try This – Search for “Land Trust Attorney *your city, state*”. You will find that most areas have no local attorneys OR it will show you MY WEBSITE!!!